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Directors:  Paul Osborne

Producers:  Leslie Wimmer Osborne, Melanie Starks

Executive Producers:  Robert Hornak, Amy Byer Shainman, Christopher Sharpe

Screenwriter: Paul Osborne

Cast: John T. Woods, Dawn Brodey, Cameron Jebo, Patrick Day, Blayne Weaver, Meg Cionni, Tara Karsian, Trinity Stokes, Eddie Jemison, Leslie Wimmer Osborne, Jim Hanna, Alain Pierre, Kayden Kross

Genre:  ​Black Comedy


A man is sent on a clandestine business trip by a shadowy executive.  The details of the trip withheld even from him, the man must follow a series of mysterious clues to uncover true nature of his mission.


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